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A village, neighborhood, or trailer park in which most of the residents are considered "white trash". Within Trashburg, such individuals whom have appeared on the "Jerry Springer Show", or are perfect guests for it, reside here. The trashiest of white trash. Could be considered racist. Most of the women inhabitants of Trashburg weigh well over 200 lbs, and have abusive alcoholic husbands. Could be considered "ghetto". An area with very high crime, and an extremely high mullet to head ratio, as well as weight to height ratio. Where many "wiggers" may reside.
(1)Dude! I just picked up this '86 Camaro for $100 up in Trashburg! Remove the air-conditioner from the passenger window, and fix the duct-tape bumper and she'll be good as new!

(2)Shit bitch, you need to take yo nasty ass back to Trashburg, and keep it there!
by Hoyt of Guadalajara April 13, 2007
A Mexican slum. Where the worst of the worst of the Mexican race reside. Crime-ridden, run-down area, as bad or worse than the "ghetto". Could be considered racist.
Hey holmes, I got the hookup for some dank ass weed in Mexitown!
by Hoyt of Guadalajara April 13, 2007
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