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Life of a peasant, a game mainly for roleplaying found on Warcraft III and its expansion, The Frozen Throne. LOAP is a fun game when not rigged with special items that make you god. When it first started out, it was fun, you could be the drug lord, the cops, or the peasants. People liked it, however, the map was unprotected, and some 9 year olds who just barely know how to use the Map Maker edited it and made: "LOAP: GOD OF HELLFIRE" or "LOAP: GOD AND DEATH" or "LOAP: RIGGED AS FUCKING HELL". All in which people could get so powerful it takes hours to kill a single person, or god and death just kill people who call them noobs for hosting a rigged game.

Hardly anyone plays LOAP now since:
1. Most people who can host love to be GOD.
2. Roleplaying (what the game was intended for) is apparently for stupid n00bs.
3. Cops go corrupt and capture and kill people.
4. B.Net is cluttered with so many fucked up versions, hardly anyone can play a good one.

However, some mapmakers have brought us awesome LOAPs like "LOAP: Custom" and even one supergenious made "LOAP". Just plain "LOAP" with some new charecters and balanced power.
*You log on and go to the custom maps hosting board*

*The first thing you see: "LOAP GOD OF HELLFIRE!!!111"

*You join and shout "NOOB" then leave happily*
by Howling Pain August 27, 2007

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