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Jocks do get all the attention and the girls and all that stuff. Not all jocks are stupid. I know a jock that back in 6th grade in his Reading class they read Shakesphere and he was in advanced English and his math class was Pre-Algebra which is and 8th grade course.

Yeah jocks usually do have rich parents and set trends with all the expensive clothes and are obssed with sports. Yeah, most teachers like them and they like never get in trouble but they aren't all bad. I'm kinda a jock but I don't play sports (unless karate and learning how to swim are sports but in swimming all we do is laps around the pool). People say I'm a jock but I'll tell you the truth about jocks.

A nerd says something stupid then a jock corrects them, then the nerd flips out then the jocks make fun of the nerd and won't stop and it will go on for days and weeks and months, thats why you see jocks making fun of people. If you flip out at a jock and they make fun of you sometimes there still is a chance for you to become their friend and be popular.
Teacher:Ok class I will be taking music requets today and I'll play the song on the computer.

Nerd:Funkytown! In a weird voice

Jocks:NO! Rap is better

Nerd:Gets All mad and flips out

Jocks:Make fun of nerd

Next Day:Jocks still are making fun of the nerd

Next Week:Jocks are still making fun of the nerd but maybe about a different subject

And it goes on
by How bout now? April 04, 2008

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