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A person who is typically an obvious doofus or a dipshit, but are somehow unaware of it. A person who thinks that they are well liked or cool, but are very far from it.
Be quiet everyone, here comes goober smack. Just ignore him and he will go away.
by Houston JC July 08, 2009
verb: To attend a friends function, night out etc. out of obligation without the intention of hanging around very long.
Friend: What are you going to do tonight?

You: I'm supposed to go out, but my friend has a party that I have to cameo before I can do anything. or in noun form:

I don't want to go but I have to at least make a cameo appearance.
by houston jc August 17, 2009
To instruct someone to leave, move or go away; to relocate
Hey what the hell are you looking at? Bump it! We were enjoying our free seats until the cops came along and told us to bump it.
by Houston JC July 09, 2009
The female act of masturbation with the use of water i.e. a massaaging shower head or other device/method which allows the water to induce climax by clitoral stimulation.
I heard you moaning in the shower, were you in there playing islands in the stream again?
by houston jc August 18, 2009
A name given to one (typically a male) who is of greater disreputable character than a simple bastard; A real dick head.
He did what?! Man that guy is a whole sack full of bastards!
by Houston JC July 09, 2009
Noun: A girl who systematically moves from guy to guy within a particular group or click when she is dissed or dumped by whom ever she is currently persuing within that group.
Dude, have you heard that Joey is dating the jock hopster? That girl has tried to hook up with all of us, man she's a jock hopster!
by Houston JC July 08, 2009
Noun; name: A person who is renouned for consistantly cock blocking. The proper way of calling someone a cock blocker.
Well, Suzie and I were hitting it off nicely until coitus interuptus walked in and wouldn't go away!
by Houston JC July 08, 2009
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