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Originated from Houston. Means you are FUCKED Up, usually High, Drunk, or both.
I'm throwed off that Texas Tea.
by Houston Heavyweight March 27, 2007
20" or bigger wheels that have 3 Big spokes that look like blades.
Wanna be a balla
Shot Caller
20" blades
On the Impala
by Houston Heavyweight March 14, 2007
When someone who's not black has a black sized penis
The Docter said i have a severe case of blackleoses
by Houston Heavyweight March 25, 2007
When titty fucking a girl, she trie to lick your penis when you slide it really fast through her twin cities.
Hey do you want to go bobbing for hotdogs tonight.
by Houston Heavyweight March 20, 2007
To beat someone very badly during a competitive game.
I'm going to rape you on Call of Duty 3 tonight.
by Houston Heavyweight March 14, 2007

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