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A song originally by Neil Young but was covered by the beautiful Type O Negative (R.I.P. PETER), which in all honesty was way better than Neil Young's original. (Being totally biased) The song though, is most likely about, him falling in love with a beautiful woman of mixed race. Like me. Which makes the song even better. Either that, or its just about some fierce woman, but i like my interpretation better.

"I wanna live with a cinnamon girl

I could be happy the rest of my life

With a cinnamon girl.

A dreamer of pictures I run in the night

You see us together, chasing the moonlight,

My cinnamon girl.

Ten silver saxes, a bass with a bow

The drummer relaxes and waits between shows

For his cinnamon girl.

A dreamer of pictures I run in the night

You see us together, chasing the moonlight,
My cinnamon girl.

Pa sent me money now

I'm gonna make it somehow

I need another chance

You see your baby loves to dance

Yeah...yeah...yeah. "
Dude: "This song is like that of The Stone's Brown Sugar. Basically getting the hots for a sexy tan exotic mama jama."

Random Goon: "The reference to a "cinnamon girl" can be thought of as either a spicy-sweet girl or a girl with a cinnamon complection. In either case, she's a refuge from the riggors of the nightly grind to make it big; a supporter of the artist's dream."

David: "Anna you wanna be my cinnamon girl?"

Me: "Sorry I wanna be someone else's cinnamon girl.."

David: " :( "
#type o negative #peter steele #neil young #cinnamon girl #awesome
by Housewife Vagina July 22, 2010
my spiritual father. most known for his association with the mothers of invention or simply the mothers. he was also a composer, producer, guitarist, and film director. his music is fuckin awesome! avant garde and sort of eccentric to most people but just fuckin rad if you listen to good music. he incorporated rock n roll with obvious undertones of jazz, classical, and other musical collages and mashups. its like listening to a movie instead of watching one if that makes sense. kids my age don't even know zappa. damn shame. he's one if not the only original orginalists and truly creative pioneers of music out there. he also gave his offspring wicked ass names. he's on par with my other musical god jim morrison.

he's a saggitarius, as jim. they are known for being the most philosophical and creative signs out there. i needs to find me a mighty archer baby.
Random Dude: "Who the fuck is Frank Zappa?"

Me: "Who the fuck is Lady Gaga?"
#frank vincent zappa #musical god #rad #cosmik debris #the man
by Housewife Vagina February 04, 2010
the most beautiful, intelligent, philosophical, poetic soul in the history of this fucking universe. aka the lizard king, he was also an artist in his own right. a poet, philosopher, writer, director, lyricist/singer, sexy greek god, my inspiration. if he was still alive, i'd pay a million bucks just to watch him eat cheerios. he's on par with my spiritual father Frank Zappa. Jim Morrison, a musical god, a god in general. a greek dyonisus incarnate. i can go on forever. i can't even put into words how this man has changed my perspective on the world and life. if i had to pick which one to save, my dog or jim, it would totally be mr. mojo risin.

sorry noodles.
Random Chick: "you like Jim Morrison?"

Me: (talking for 2 hours straight about how much i love him and how he's infiltrated my soul better than any "God" ever could.)
#jim #morrison #lizard king #mr. mojo risin #beauty
by Housewife Vagina February 04, 2010
a person or persons that fuck with your feelings.
male or female. it doesn't matter. if you have cried over a guy/girl who's lukewarm about you, you've got a feeling fucker.
"OMG she fuckin said she wanted to marry me now she said she can't stand the sight of me!!!"

"Brian...its okay she's just a feeling fucker."

"why can't she just leave me already!!!??"

"she's a grey area man. she doesn't know what she feels because she's a feeling fucker. people like her are feeling fuckers. don't even worry about it.."
#feeling fuckers #fuckers #fuck #love #grey #area
by Housewife Vagina February 04, 2010
a person. me. but it can also be used to refer to a chick that can cook like nobody's buisness and likes or has thought about pursuing the pussy.

most housewife vagina's have had bad experiences with men, therefore attracted to angelina jolie types and cook to relieve stress.

housewife vagina's also make great loving mothers but are a bit unconventional about it.

i coined that shit though.
because its me nigga.
"why do they call you housewife vagina?"

"because i can make bomb ass brownies."

"what about the vagina part?"

"hey man don't go askin questions just cuz i don't eat the meat."

"so why do you want your baby to have a blue mohawk? and why would you want to paint the white picket fence black?"

"because i'm housewife vagina niggabitch."
#housewife #vagina #pussy #brownies #cooking
by Housewife Vagina February 04, 2010
1)An individual of many races or ancestrial lineages.
2)Bi-racial but more familiarly multi-racial.
3)A dog of mixed breed.
Chick 1: "Isn't Anna mixed with Italian and asian or some shit?"

Chick 2: "Nah, she's either just a really tan white girl or a really pale black girl..Wait, I think she's got scottish in her too, hence the last name. and the drinking."

Chick 1: "Nah that bitch is plain native american. Look at her she looks like Pocahontas. Or Esmeralda, which would make her spanish..right?"

Chick 2: "Fuck it, I dunno what that bitch is.."

Chick 3: "Goddamnit people! Anna's everything! but if you want to get technical she's Asian, Black, Native American, and Scottish. She's a fucking mutt man.."

Chick 1 & 2: "Ohhh exotic..."

Chick 3: "Oui"
#mutt #lineage #multi-racial #whiskey #pocahontas #shit #fuck #you
by Housewife Vagina July 22, 2010
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