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The kick-ass FBI agent portrayed by Lola Glaudini on the best show ever: Criminal Minds, who starred in season 1 and later got replaced by Emily Prentiss. She is pretty, and mostly has a good relationship with Derek Morgan and Dr.Spencer Reid. She specializes in sex offense crimes.

She lost her father, Robert Greenaway when she was only 8 years old, and in the season 1 finale, while she is in a coma after she gets shot, she talks to her father. Later, she shoots a serial rapist in cold-blood after they released the man from custody, and left the BAU. I really miss her!!!
"Did you see Elle Greenaway on Criminal Minds yesterday?!"
-"Yeah, what about her?"
"She's so bitchin' when shes in her gun stance ready to shoot!!"
by Hotchner lover August 31, 2012
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