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2 definitions by Host of 99.9, MC Keegs Live

MC Keegs is the greatest of compliments. Being called this means you are an amazing rapper and an insanely strong man.
A synonym for MC Keegs is:

The Lean Mean Keegan Machine.
An upcoming underground rapper from compton, who with his debut singles, is about to make history. Critics foresee as MC Keegs as the pioneer of a new generation of rappers. MC Keegs is also a bodybuilder, even at such a young age.

Usually, this word is used as a description of THE MC Keegs. Other people referred by this name are impostors. This is the highest title that can be given to a rapper, and usually only after decades of training.
I fucked that bitch - MC Keegs
Ugly-MC Keegs
Debut Album: Mothafuckin' Hoes
Album 2: All over My Dick
by Host of 99.9, MC Keegs Live December 02, 2010
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The greatest rapper and bodybuilder of all time. 2pac and biggie died because his lyrics blew em away.

Also known as MC Keegs, he is an uprising rapper from Compton. As a member of no gang, he puts his studies first while balancing rapping and weight lifting. his immense strength and influence in the community is unrivaled.

Usually as a compliment, which bestows enormous value on the beholder. The only person to ever meet this title is MC Keegs, the Lean Mean Keegan Machine.

Currently, he has projected 5 albums, of which we know the name

Album #1: Mothafuckin' Hoes
Album#2 All over My Dick
Album #3 Parental Advisory
Album #4: My bitch is my dawg
Album #5 THE Lean, Mean Keegan Machine
Dude, ya hear Ugly, a single from Mothafuckin' Hoes by the LEAN MEAN KEEGAN MACHINE?. It's amazing. The only song on my ipod.
by Host of 99.9, MC Keegs Live December 06, 2010
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