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Unlike my poor mistaken friend who mistakenly defined the word as something else, I know what backstroke actually is. The perfect stroke, relying on actual physical strength, ability and will, unlike breastroke, which is dominated by three-foot tall dwarfs with no swimming talent and enormous feet. If you've actually watched swimming before, you know that it takes a sound backstroke leg to win the 400 IM or give your relay a win. Backstrokers tend to be more manly, and have fun playing games like "Dunk the breastroker."
Idiot Breastroker: OMFG ILY BREASTROKE! It's liek so kewl!
Me: Do you need help?
Idiot Breastroker: *Puts suit on inside-out* Let's do an 800 breast!
Coach: STFU.
Me: *Smiles*
by Hopsicles 2.0 January 26, 2010

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