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2 definitions by Hopscotch Jones

term used as a comeback, such as "your face" but the "whatever" adds to the intensity. seeing that "whatever" is a comeback already, it's like adding 1+1 and getting much more than you bargained for.
#1: your mother is fatter than a pregnant elephant!!
#2: whatever
#1: whatever your face!!!!
by Hopscotch Jones April 07, 2009
6 1
(n)one who is a 'douche' and a 'shit' combined; an 'asshole'; a heartless person; a shit particle caught in a douche.
#1: i feel like a douchey shit for treating you like that.
#2: How could you cheat on me you DOUCHEY SHIT!
by Hopscotch Jones April 09, 2009
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