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Chamone also shamone was Michael Jackson's curious way of saying "come on" in the song, Bad.

Michael Jackson set the precedent for this type of pseudo-mondegreen by replacing the k-sound at the beginning of the word, kid, with the ch-sound in the song, Billie Jean, resulting in the Michaelese word, chid.
You know Im bad, Im bad. You know it. Chamone!
by Hoopskidoodle June 27, 2009
Sag-Nasty is the nickname for the post-industrial, mid-Michigan rust-bucket town of Saginaw.

It is also an apt description of the breasts of a female rapper named Khia.
Why doesn't Khia wear a bra? Surely she knows that her boobs Sag-Nasty.
by Hoopskidoodle August 04, 2009
Publicists is a euphemism for, white girl. It is typically used by black celebrities, who date white women, as a joking pretense that the white women with whom they might be seen are actual publicists.
I saw Terrance Howard and Jamie Foxx leaving the club last night with a couple of publicists.
by Hoopskidoodle April 13, 2009
Flatback is an African American slang euphemism for, white girl. The etymology of the word is derived from another slang word, back, which in turn is a euphemism for female buttocks. Callipygous rondure is highly selected for with respect to the African American feminine beauty ideal. Thus, European women are seen as typically having flat butts or backs.
Damn, Jessica Biel isn't half bad, for a flatback.
by Hoopskidoodle August 21, 2009

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