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Before sex, rub your cock with mexican spices & habanero peppers. Then put a condom on and start having sex. In the middle of sex rip your condom off and insert your burning cock inside her.
I wanted to Spice things up in the relationship so I covered my cock with pepper juices and released the Mexican Spy.
by Hoopla Michael Padilla March 12, 2008
When you can't decide between putting it in the brown eye (Obama) or the vagina (Hillary) so you elect both.
I couldn't decide whether I wanted to put it in her butt or vagina so I decided to give her the democratic debate and switch back and forth.
by Hoopla Michael Padilla March 12, 2008
When you pull out and then cum in her face and then immediately splash cold water on her face and watch it harden.
I was banging that chick and came all over her face. Lucky for me I had a cold beverage on the nightstand so I gave her the porcelain mask.
by Hoopla Michael Padilla March 12, 2008

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