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2 definitions by Hooper X

Home cheese is synonymous with homie, home boy, home skillet, home slice and the seldom referenced home piece. All of these expressions are terms of endearment--in an urban context--and are meant to demonstrate affection and either familiarity or at least a similarity of circumstances. Home cheese dates from at least the late 1980s' early hip hop scene. It, along with home skillet was usually said in a somewhat ironic manner, i.e. it was purposely absurd.
Yo, what up home cheese? What be the haps?
by Hooper X June 01, 2006
Bobo is a somewhat archaic pejorative term for white men collectively. It is similar in meaning to "the man" or "whitey."
Black folks invented rock & roll, but bobo stole it and thereafter pretended that Elvis made it up.
by Hooper X September 02, 2005