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The Ark of the Covenant a.k.a. one of the most sacred gifts to mankind has been found in the form of a pictograph by of all people Michael Thomas Fazio from Howard Beach Queens New York and this we all know to be true.

Yes ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, an exact replica of The Ark of the Covenant that which the Lord God gave Moses to guide the wandering Hebrews through the desert has been placed in the most highly publicized and distributed piece of artwork on the face of the planet Earth a.k.a. the entire Reverse of {{{~ONE DOLLAR BILL~}}}. Of course this piece of artwork fulfills every aspect of Deuteronomy chapter 32 verses one through seven.

This artwork is also the most complex piece of artwork ever created in the history of this world and is only discernible by those who can understand hieroglyphs, pictographs, ideograms, Mercator projection, and {{{ ~ Euclidean Optics ~ }}} because otherwise it simply looks like an obscure design.

Therefore Michael Fazio spent 35 years of his life doing research into pictographs, hieroglyphs and the study of {{{ ~ Euclidean Optics ~ }}} at which point at the age of 50 years started writing a book and on April 15, 2010 copyrighted that book and immediately created a website with a 439 picture shopping cart

@ www.AngelsontheArk.com
To prove that the Ark of the covenant is defined precisely on the reverse of the one dollar bill we have the Lord God's First Commandment; a.k.a.

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods before Me ~!

{{{ IN GOD WE TRUST ~ ONE ~ }}} has the identical meaning and I don't for one moment believe this is a coincidence ~ !

But if you need more proof the entire greenside or the reverse of the {{{~ONE DOLLAR BILL~}}} is an exact replica of the measurements given to Moses by the Lord God as instructions to build the Ark of the Covenant scaled down & all of this has been proven in the book Angels on the Ark by Michael Fazio
by HoodwinkedbyanAngel November 20, 2010

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VERTICAL CHIMPS & BABOON~ETTS ; a vertical chimp can have a multitude of meaningsā€¦ however according to Michael Fazio some VERTICAL CHIMPS are more VERTICAL than others & this species is what we are concerned with in today's world. It should also be noted that there is a subspecies of vertical chimps known as BABOON~ETTS which can only be defined as the female gender of the species although not much research has been done on the working of the female VERTICAL CHIMPS mental acuity for lack of research material.
Vertical Chimps ~ robustly defined accordingly a.k.a. Atypical Left-Wing Liberal Atheist Anti-God Fearing Dogs that bite the hand that feed them.

1] Descendents of Apelike Creatures varying in color or walk & walk in an erect fashion & have no understanding of a supreme being or deity & typically totally lacking in moral turpitude a.k.a. Newspaper Reporters, Lawyers, And Of Course Politicians ~ OBAMAS ~ !

2] Of coarse there are vertical chimps that are more VERTICAL than others and these are defined by many characteristics including Social, Economic, and Of Course Political Power Bases which in short would mean that the 44th PUSS STAIN is at the top of the { VERTICAL CHIMP CHAIN ] at least for the time being, and represents the American version of VERTICAL CHIMPS BABOON~ETTS until the baton is passed on to the 45th PUSS STAIN POTUS at which time America as we know it will have long ceased to exist ~!
by hoodwinkedbyanangel December 05, 2010

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The 44th PUSS STAIN ~ is a methodology in which to define the 44th POTUS because in reality pus stain is typically something that you associate with something utterly disgusting. In this respect the The 44th PUSS STAIN ] satisfies every aspect of being utterly repugnant because he has no moral turpitude and has defined himself as a complete and utterly untrustworthy semi-human being ~ for the following reasons;
1. He has broken every major campaign promise that he ran on!

2. He has not supplied the documents necessary to prove that he is worthy to be the president of the United States!

3. He has 44 czars when he said he would hire none before he became the 44th PUSS STAIN!!

4. And now he is crippling the United States with carbon taxes about to go into effect healthcare regulations and the expansion of a war that most people agree we shouldn't even be part of.

5. The 44th PUSS STAIN will go down in history as a traitor to the Constitution of the United States of America that should have been tried for treason found guilty and hung until dead!

6. Signed Michael Fazio author of Angels on the Ark.com a.k.a. HoodwinkedbyanAngel
by hoodwinkedbyanangel November 20, 2010

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{ CHIMP IN CHARGE } According to Michael Fazio a.k.a. the author of a Revolutionary new book called Angels on the Ark ~

CHIMP IN CHARGE THE CHIMP IN CHARGE is also a VERTICAL VERSION of { VERTICAL CHIMPS } according to Michael Fazio & the { CHIMP IN CHARGE } is also a descendent of CHIMPANZEES & or BABOON~ETTS ~

So according to an Atheist Congress of the current { CHIMP IN CHARGE } of the USA a.k.a. & the 44th PUSS STAIN we are all { VERTICAL CHIMPS } however there can only be 1 {CHIMP IN CHARGE } & that would be the 44th PUSS STAIN until it passes the baton to the 45th PUSS STAIN in the year 2012 ~ !

Of coarse there are many different forms of animals including the human species also known as { VERTICAL CHIMPS } & the sub species of { VERTICAL CHIMPS } known as POLITICAL ANIMALS & these Political Animals are defined by their political ambitions & are also noted in the Encyclopedia & dictionaries as such ~a.k.a. POLITICAL ANIMALS thus effectively describing the 44th PUSS STAIN & his political cabinet of { VERTICAL CHIMPS } which also includes the sub species known as BABOON~ETTS & all of this information is brought to you by Michael Fazio.

If there are any doubts please refer to;

www.AngelsontheArk.com by Michael Fazio
by HoodWinkedbyanAngel December 08, 2010

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