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1 definition by HoodRatHater100

Girls of any ethnicity who make a problem out of nothing. Although thought to be scientifically impossible, they seem to have no boundaries. They feed off drama as would rats feed off cheese. They normally date blacks, puerto ricans, or mexicans in whom would claim to be in a gang or dress as if they are in one. They get turned on by the fact that their boyfriend is a bad-ass and sleeps with other women. These hood rats love to feed off that drama, so they go back out with him the next day only for it to happen again. If these hood rats happen to be caucasian, they desperately wish that they were Puerto Rican or Mexican, so they talk as if they were one.
Did you see those Hood Rats trying to fight me over 3 dollars? They must desperately want their next hit of weed
by HoodRatHater100 August 25, 2010