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An awesome fruit where you suck on the seeds, then either spit them out or swallow them. They make your hands pretty dirty, though
This Pomegranate is awesome. It's so sour and sweet and yummy.
by Honjo Norgen October 09, 2005
Music that developed from the emo music scene of the 1990's. Post-emo bands usually have emo-remeniscent lyrics, but contain broader rythems and harmonies.
Cursive is a Post-emo band.
by Honjo Norgen October 13, 2005
The person who took the real horcrux in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth in the series of seven books. As of now we do not kow who r.a.b is for sure, but fan speculation is running wild that it is Regulus Alphard Black, Serius Blacks' younger brother who used to serve Voldermort.
I personally think that r.a.b stands for two people, with 'a' standing for 'and'
by Honjo Norgen September 19, 2005
my friend showed me this:

Women = Time X Money
Time = Money
Women = Money squared
Money = root of all evil
Women = all evil
I don't hate women, i just thought that was funny
by Honjo Norgen January 12, 2006

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