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how the japanese say hello. in the japanese language, there is no letter l. thus, it comes out as an r. very funny sterotype. main part of the engrish dialect
herro crass, today we gonna rearn about abraham rincoln and his poricy.
(hello class, today we're gonna learn about abraham lincoln and his policy)
by Hong King Kong December 10, 2007
the self-proclaimed epitomy of the american dream. small time bookie in cleveland in the 1960s who killed two men in bar fights over gambling debts. later became a boxing promoter who ripped off all his clients. known for his ridiculous hair and playing the race card any chance he gets.
Don King will rob you blind if he promotes your fight.
by Hong King Kong December 10, 2007
a 90 year old man who is alloted 5 minutes of tv time everyday on 60 minutes, where he's able to bitch and moan about the 1st thing that comes to mind. otherwise known as the possessor of the greatest job in the world.
andy rooney was angry that the fast food joint got his order wrong, so he did a segment about the poor quality of minimum wage labor
by Hong King Kong December 10, 2007
the location of US sweatshops. a shitty little us territory in the pacific, population 80k. this is where many articles of clothing that say "made in the usa" are produced by chinese laborers working for a few bucks a day. many workers have side jobs as prostitutes to pay the bills.
the Northern Mariana Islands are where the us violates all labor standards. bastards!
by Hong King Kong December 10, 2007
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