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A hot to trot girl with a amazing body and personality.she's the funniest person to be around with her hilarious laugh and histerical and witty jokes she pulls out. A party wouldn't be the same if a Caroline wasn't there, The guys are drooling for a Caroline,who would blame them. She's super generous,and is great in bed and will have very Beautiful babies. There's not a mean bone in her body.She's such a socialite and loves to be around everyone,is the most popular girl in the school,everyone loves her.
Greg: did you go to that party last week?
Me: Yeh it wasn't very good,Caroline wasn't there to lighten it up,she was out with her boyfriend.
Greg: Makes sense,only Caroline could get the hottest guy in the school.
Me: Yeh,it's wierd how everything brightens up when she's there, isn't it?
by Honestcitizenofamerica July 04, 2012

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