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The Gestapo arm of (inept) corporate middle management.

They enforce the law of the large corporate ladder in that you must not unintentionally threaten the job of anyone above you by outperforming them through hard work to deliver positive results for the organisation even if that hard work is necessitated by their ineptitude.

You must earn them their promotion first in order to "build relationships" so that they do not turn the corporate Gestapo onto you for investigation into your behaviour (a witch hunt in which you are accused) where the outcome is that your bridge will ultimately be burned and the inept corporate middle manager will not be found out until after your bridge has been burnt and they have staved of their eventual sacking from the hard work you have done in order to ensure positive outcomes for the organisation.
Employee: Holy Shit! This situation has led the organisation to be in a position where it cannot deliver to expectations.

Manager: Get it done Richard!

Employee: Right on it Sir/Madam. You can count on me.

Manager: Thanks Richard! Human Resources, please investigate Richard the nigger for not being in line with the mission and values of the organisation.

Corporate Gestapo: Ya Voll, Herr Middle Manager. You can count on us - we know the law and we are the law. We will performance manage this mofo because we are professionals.
by Honest Richard November 20, 2013
Middle Manager: I'm having a problem with a nigger. Corporate Gestapo, please investigate.

Corporate Gestapo: Va Voll, Mein Herr!
by Honest Richard November 20, 2013
Someone who is a generally employed to provide oversight to a group of human resources engaged at a time of company expansion - they do very little to aid in the work completed by those human resources, then they are left behind after those human resources have done the job.

Their modus operandi is to build their own management structure by retaining corporate ladder climbers and ordering the corporate gestapo to investigate anyone who is not a corporate ladder climber and is therefore a nigger.

They generally are left in place long after the expansion they were employed to provide oversight has been completed (generally by the niggers) and probably did very little to aid in. They remain there sometimes for many years continuing to bleed the organisation by outsourcing their own jobs to management consultants and generally any consultant with integrity that will play the game and ensure their position on the corporate ladder is retained.

They generally remain their until there aint no more niggers and budget to hire consultants to do their job for them. As a result they can no longer hide the fact that after multiple years and many, many positive relationships which they are known for they still don't know what the f!ck it is that they are meant to be accountable for.
Middle Manager: Corporate Gestapo I need some niggers to do my job.

Corporate Gestapo: We will create a process to find some niggers by engaging with some used car salesmen (recruitment agents).
by Honest Richard November 20, 2013

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