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Guitarist for the AWESOME horror-punk band the misfits since Danzig was with them. Brother of founding member Jerry Only. He is currently taking time off with his family and has been replaced by Dez Cadena.
just because Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein is so ripped doesn't mean he abuses steroids
by Honest Jackson November 05, 2004
1. a male prison inmate fucking another male prison inmate in the ass
2. succesfully playing a practical joke on someone

Originally, the word "punk" was prison slang, meaning the first defintion. the second comes from the idea that fucking someone in the ass is a sign of disrespect (such as male dogs humping one another to show dominance, instead of sexual attraction, which could very well be the motive behind prison rape as well)
"here come' bubba, you 'bout to get f'd in the a' ok?"
by Honest Jackson November 09, 2004
euphemism for male anal sex (ear rhymes with "rear"), had it in the rear
Well I'm just a modern guy
of course I've had it in the ear before
by Honest Jackson November 12, 2004
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