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3 definitions by Homer Jay

Waking up in a strange girls house, the day after the office Xmas party and realising what, and who you've just done.
"I can't believe you chewscrewed that slapper!"
by Homer Jay January 30, 2004
17 4
(unit of time)
The time it takes a Welsh Brummie to get a really obscure sexual innuendo or joke.

Usually equates to several minutes.
Bloody hell mate, that took you an absolute jonesgo to get that one!!
by Homer Jay January 30, 2004
5 2
Exclamation made when you find that a puppy has ripped up your lino and shat on the floorboards.
"oh fuckin' Adderley! not again! you little bastard!"
by Homer Jay January 28, 2004
4 4