13 definitions by Homeboy

to stand up like a man and forget about it,or Deal with it. like a man

"To make fun of for something stupid"
"he got his ass beat down now Walk it off!,"
by homeboy May 06, 2004
takin it easy when ur spose 2 b workin
When the bossman's gone home boy be cadillacin'
by homeboy September 03, 2004
the seventh studio album from the Famous Self Made Millionaire Eminem then from in on out D12's album will be next,With Exclusive rapper proof back with D on a track...He never left..!
yeaah!,that high potency Rap is Crack to my ears,Fuck Lil Wayne,i ain't feel non of that sh!t he sayin,I heard mixtapes better then his Studio album..but i be waitin for the relapse 2 after the first one,That garbage shit Sucka Mc's puttin out...T.I singin with the weak ass white bread justin,soldja boy with a fuckin Gay ass dance makin Black people look bad like flavor flav & Krumping..Dumb ass nigga's..Cut that shit out when Obama's Prez,we dont need retarded ghetto shit.
by homeboy March 21, 2009
Some thing really Cheesy or cheap

or something Stupid and retarded
"damn that ring i got for 25 cents is some cracka shit yo"

"man that guys on some cracka shit"
by homeboy May 06, 2004
That kid who is just natural at everything and has a very cocky but funny attitude. Gets along with people and loves being around friends. Out going and is open to ideas.
I wish i was a ziyaan
by HomeBoy June 24, 2013
a member of the group D-12 and a great friend to eminem..the man who really started eminems career in what turns eminem started 50 cents career,rapper Proof will be missed sadly,died april 12 in the club,CCC club,if u dont know how he passed away Look somewhere else,its hard to think what happened to a great person.....another senseless lost in the rap empire!!!!
proof..you'll be missed like the other lost rap artists...no matter who it is,we lost someone in the rap game
by homeboy April 12, 2006
a term for high speed racing on the highway with a highly tuned wrx sti,s2000,twin turbo Rx-7,TT skyline GT-R,TT Supra's and other import or jdm cars to Eat up V8's & spit out fire balls from the exhaust pinning the gas in full force & switching gears
i like when people make fun of honda's or imports and call them "ricers",it makes me feel better that you have nothing and hate on the import scene while your bird brain thinks we copy Fast and the Furious movies,you just another stupid redneck/hick with no money & its easy to tell

a B16 honda engine is able is to hit 300hp with performance engine mods & Hondata S200 tuning,lucky theres no turbo yet to the tune of 500 hp while getting 30 mpg to the tank i'd really fade you out like a sunset,sorry i flew by you in that pos truck of yours in a highway battle,better slow down on the twisties or that thing is going to flip its lid while your stupid ass was thinking it could outhandle mine on your all season tires from wal-mart
by homeboy May 16, 2007

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