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(noun) A fag magnet; One who attracts homosexuals. Used in reguards to sissified actions/mannerisms being acted out by a straight male. Term usually labeled by a friend, but can be from enemy.

(Verb) Fagnetize(-d)(-ing) - To make a fagnet; impose fagnet-like qualities; cause fagnet-like appearance.

(Adj.) Fagnetized (-ing) - Appearing fagnet-like; resembling a fagnet; is acting/has acted like a fagnet.
(noun) Ex: "Look at Joseph. What a fagnet!"

(verb) Ex: "Joseph, don't fagnetize my dog by doing that."

(Adj.) Ex: "Joseph makes that shirt look all fagnetized when he wears it."
by Home O. Fobe July 19, 2004

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