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Nate Novarro is the drummer for cobra starship.
He's only 5'4" making him the shortest member of the band.
He uses SJC Drums.
He previously worked as a drum tech for the bands Hidden in plain view and Armor for sleep.
And he's gorgeous =)
Nate Novarro is a god =) haha. He's totally the hottest member of Cobra Starship.
by Holly Fisher November 14, 2007
Origianally used as an insult for English people. Now no longer an insult (especially in the North and among younger people) thanks to bands such as Hadouken!, who use it in their songs.
Hadouken! (That Boy, That Girl) : 'Yeh I'm an indie limey, but I like it grimey'
by Holly Fisher November 16, 2007
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