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Based in Orange County, California.

A fresh kid is usually found listening to some DeadMau5 or Dubstep, and is wearing some vans or jack parcells with high socks, muscle shirt, and some rock & republics, and of course a pair of icy diamond studs. They hair is usually somewhat short in the front and is kind of long along their necks.

You can normally kid a fresh kid hitting up a t-shirt plus.

These kids usually think they are they shit, and wants everyone to know it.
VV Fresh Kid Convo's VV

Drake: " Yo Dylan, Am i looking fresh enough?"
Dylan: "Nahh Man, you need some new jacks, not lookin' fresh enough"


Troy: " Ayy Sam, Let's hit up Kendra's house then go down to T-Shirt Plus, Ya dig?"
Sam:" Yaaadd Mannn"
by Hollly123yadig November 08, 2010

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