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Dragonforce is one of the most horrible, abysmal, atrocious bands ever. They are the exact reason why I hate 90% of most power metal. Just another lame and cheesy Iron Maiden/Judas Priest wannabe band who sings about slaying dragons in castles, with an extremely bad singer who has a high-pitched girly operatic voice, and WOW, their guitarist plays fast, woop de friggidy doo, doesnt mean he's good! Thankfully, in 2006 these assclowns were originally supposed to be on Gigantour, but of course they went to crappy Ozzfest instead.. Good, Gigantour is way too good of a fest to have such a horrid band as this- They deserve to be on SharonFest! Dragonforce sucks! If you're going to listen to power metal listen to Kamelot or Blind Guardian, and to the bastard that said "Forget Blind Guardian", Hansi Kursch should kick your ass for that! SORRY that he actually SINGS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!! and SORRY that Blind Guardian can actually sing about medieval/fantasy themes without sounding like a bunch of Final Fantasy-worshipping 10-year-olds! And to the loser who said "These solos make ejaculations unavoidable"... you are a pathetic, sorry excuse for a human!
What's more horrible, drinking Bud Light or listening to Dragonforce? My guess is listening to Dragonforce.
by Holden McNeil June 15, 2007
the metal station of Sirius Satellite Radio... GREAT station, plays every metal band from Judas Priest to Kreator to Death to The Human Abstract to Machine Head to etc... and there are great speciality shows like "Bloody Roots" with Ian Christe and the stoner metal show "Contact High" with Bobby Black from High Times
"Did you hear the new Machine Head song yet?"
"Yea, on Hard Attack yesterday, pretty good"
by Holden McNeil June 14, 2007

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