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"Hog Hard or Hog Home" a.k.a "HHOHH" is a phrase used to describe the act or process of "Hogging". The phrase dictates that the individual involved in the act of "Hogging" must either "Hog Hard" (i.e. perform the act of "Hogging" to the fullest extent physically possible) or "Hog Home" (i.e. return to said individuals dwelling if he fails to participate in the sport of Hogging actively and competatively).
If the individual chooses to not participate in the sport or fails to compete he is required to "Hog Home". Alternatively, the individual that chooses to "Hog Hard" typically becomes the embodiment of all that is great in the eyes of his gentlemen competitors. The individual who "Hogs" the hardest,usually the individual who goes home with the most unpleasant hog as determined collectively among his gentleman counterparts, is the ultimate winner in this gentleman's sport.
Alfred: "Winston, old chap, did you happen to see the Hogging match last night at the Tavern?"

Winston: "Indeed I did, and quite a performance it was, to much the dismay of many gentleman who were forced to hog home Theodore hogged hard and won the match with minimal difficulty!"

Alternatively, prior to the beginning of the math one gentleman may turn to the other and say, "Hog Hard or Hog Home" which indicates that the match has begun.
by Hoggard December 07, 2007
Synonymous with "whole hog". Taking a given endeavor to the maximum extent with wanton disregard for any collateral damage. The focus is on maximizing the end result. In other words, the ends are more important than the means of achieving that end result.

The term was first coined by Pat Buchanan to describe Hillary Clinton's campaign.
Kyle: "What's your strategy tonight at the bar?"

Daniel: "I plan on aggressively playing all my cards."

Tom: "So you want to go 'whole hog'?"

Daniel: "Indeed, porkus maximus!"
by Hoggard October 14, 2008
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