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A funky scaly patch of the skin that itches as it grows.

Another name for a hemorrhoid, jock itch, or any ailment of the ass, such as diaper rash.

A form of misbehaving in public, or obnoxiusly acting out.
I cannot seem to get rid of this bungusfungus on my elbow.

That looks like the bungusfungus is getting out of hand, you need to use this cream on it.

Do You really need to act like a bungusfungus all the time?

Get that bungusfungus out of my bar.
#bungass #fungass #bungassfungass #bunguessfunguess #funkyassrash
by Hobb-E-Horse September 11, 2009
When something, or someone is off just beat enough that it is considered weird or funky. out of the norm. Like their radio is a little tuned-out...not quite on the station? It is when something or someone is really out there, quirky, freaky, weird and/or unusual behavior.
I have had a slight Quwinkidink in my step since the accident.

My cat has a kinky in her tail so I will name her, Quwinkidink-kitty.

When we are with the in-laws, hide your quwinkidink, try to keep it under control.
#cawinkidinki #quwinkidinker #quwirky #freaky #funky #weirdo #bizzare #unusual behavior
by Hobb-E-Horse September 04, 2009
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