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An unusual telephone greeting, originating in Alberta. Coined by a particular Social teacher, the greeting has become both familiar and commonplace amongst younger generations in the town of Sherwood Park.
"Mr. Ross, your phone's ringing!"
"I'd better go answer it... hughrossallo?"
by Ho #4 May 29, 2004
PUTSA is a Canadian organisation, based in Alberta, that assists those who have difficulty dealing with the retail issues of the modern world. The acronym stands for 'People-Unable-To-Shop Association' and is a frequent meeting place for Hos province-wide.
"Wow, Ho #1! I'm absolutely useless at shopping, I find myself completely flummoxed when I attempt to buy things! What can I do??"

"Don't worry Ho #4... just come to the next PUTSA meeting, you'll find it's great support!"
by Ho #4 March 29, 2004
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