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Term for all the tricks, hoes, skanks, scaliwags, and punk mothafuckas that don't fucks with the G-Block. Usually a derogatory word directed at those we hate.
G-Block slaps bitches with no titties that work at hooters
by Hit n Run March 01, 2004
G-Block term for whats up, what the deal, etc. If there isn't shit to do a good response is "uh oh, we don't need no fuckin hook on dis beat"
Hit n Run: yo dizzle, what tha hook goin be?
Mac Dizzle: I'm sayin chillin, gettin grimey and shit. but we don't ne no fuckin hook on dis beat...just blaze
by Hit n Run March 01, 2004
The Green-Block, holdin it down at the GC, ballin just tryin to get blunt rushed in this bitch...what chu know bout the G-Block bitches?
Hit n Run, Philly Blunt, Chad'a'boone, Mac Dizzle, Ahmikeyknoll,D. Wiggles, Slothenberg...G-Block Bitches...Just Blaze
by Hit n Run March 01, 2004
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