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A Nouveau Emo(noo-voh ee-moe) is a person who is almost an emo but more colorful. They wear skinny jeans and hightops, boys have shaggy hair in a skater/Bieber style and girls dye their hair wild colors, they are fond of peircings and tattoos, and they listen to bands like Linkin Park, Paramore, etc. They like stores such as Spencers and Hot Topic. They follow trends in their own inner circles while thinking they are extremely out there.
Ex. 1
Sally: I need more skinny jeans, I need to go to Hot Topic.
Jane: Jeez, you're such a follower!
Sally: Not true! At school I'm really different from everyone else, like I wear skinny jeans but I also wear cool band T's and look I have these blue stripes in my hair!
Jane: ....god you are such a Nouveau Emo

Ex. 2
Alex: Jeez check out all the Nouveau Emos hanging out in Hot Topic
Mike: All shopping for new piercings no doubt.
by HipsterKitty February 20, 2011

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