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1. A term used to describe a band/artist/etc. who does not belong to a big name record label, or no label at all. Though all these shitheads who put definitions here years ago all talk about a relation between "Emo" and "Shit rock music" they are wrong. Indie is not only rock. For every genre of music there is, there is an underground ('Indie', for people who can't keep up) scene behind it. Indie could also refer to the indie culture around it. As much as people want to swear up and down against labeling and the such, it just is what it is. There *is* an indie culture in lingo, interests, CLOTHES, etc. Many people like to spot an "Indie Kid" as anyone in their teens to mid twenties:
-wearing faded skinny jeans
-scruffy hair
-a cardigan, military jacket, pea coat, etc.
-wearing boots all the time
-walk around with an ironic expression on their face
-drink. And then drink some more.

Those are just some of the things a "typical" indie kid would wear or do.

Additional Information; Hipsters are the ones who are somewhat hard to tell apart. Hipsters may look and dress like an Indie Kid, but are somehow different. They may even listen to the same music as Indie Kids, but apparently they are still different.
Hipsters are normally the ones who are just about as indie as Indie Kids except for perhaps one thing (which takes away their indie title): Listening to mainstream.
That's it. Listening to the occasional mainstream.
Indie Kid #1: Oh yeah, I love the Teenagers, incredible stuff there.

Hipster #1: Yeah the Teenagers are great! I like the Kooks as well...

Uptight Indie Kid #1: The Kooks aren't "indie" anymore (scrunched look). Thinks: (Silly hipster girl)

"Hipster" #1: Yeah and? Are you one of those indie kids who have serious issues against mainstream?

Indie Kid #2 (who is much cooler): Yes, yes he is. C'mon, you wanna go to a Hadouken! gig with me? Tomorrow we can go to the Teenagers show. *friendly smile*

Uptight Indie Kid #1: Oooh! Can I come to the Teenagers show with you guys!?

Indie Kid #2: No.
by HipsterIndieWhateverGirl July 06, 2010

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