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to trick your bed partner into thinking he/her is going to give you oral sex under the duvet, then locking his/her head between your legs and pass gas and faecal matter into their mouth.
Agela: "Oh lord did I not have some fun with Timothy yesterday"
Maggy: "What did you do?"
Angela: "I was totally coffebeaning him in the sanctuary we call our own bedroom. I loved it!"
Maggy: "I want to kiss that sweet mouth of yours, Angela. You know I always loved you. Why don't you love me?"
Angela: "Because you are a hussy. perhaps you should be coffebeand once in a while".
Maggy: "My shitty boyfriend has to soft of a stool to produce the hard pellets needed for such a task"
Angela: "Change his diet to broccoli, that will pas the stool needed to get your relationship up and running again"
Maggy: "but the 'running' is the problem!"
Angela: "You make me laugh, you silly goose!"
by Hiny Peter August 06, 2012

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