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9 definitions by HillbillyReport

Rand Paul's theory as to how people should submit to to Big Business or Corporate America.
According to Randology if something is good for Big Business or Corporate America, then it's good for the little people. For example if Big Business Or Corporate America wants the little people to work harder for less, then the little people should do so willingly with a smile on their little faces.
by HillbillyReport July 24, 2010
Boehnercare provides everyone with a great healthcare plan, gaudy salary and an enormous pension plan. It's a plan enjoyed, promoted and endorsed by John Boehner.
Obamacare? I don't need it I have Boehnercare and it provides for everything I need.

More money than I can spend a great pension plan and a Cadillac Boehnercare healthcare plan.
Thank you John Boehner.
by HillbillyReport March 24, 2011