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Banana cake is a term used to describe all forms of sex that are not 'physically' relevant, such as Phone-sex/Cyber-sex.

It is often used as a term to describe ones affections for another on social networking sites such as facebook, twitter, and other public forums.

Banana cake is performed when those involved are aware that they are not likely to ever meet in real life, but wish to consumate a mutual desire for heightened intimacy involving the release of bodily fluids via talking on the phone, texting, msn, as well as on social networking sites.
Actual exchange on Windows live messenger/MSN:

Dee: Higz, last nights banana cake was mind blowing, I'm still quivering thinking about it. God! I am so wet!

Higz: Yes, it certainly was, but when are we going to meet up for the real deal? We're in the same city ffs, so what about it muffin ass?

Dee: Maybe I'll pay you a surprise visit on your bday <3

Higz: That's what you said back in 08. If you're setting up for another argument, I'm not falling for it. Arguing makes you horny, and to be quite honest.. banana cake just doesn't cut it anymore with me.

Dee: In other words, you are saying that you are undressed and Gung-ho for another round of banana cake until your bday arrives?

Higz: Hmmm.. pretty much. Okay, I'm laying blindfolded on my workout bench, and you walk in wearing nothing. Over to you....

Dee: Now you're talking baby!
by Higzy June 08, 2010
The Duckworthism Disease is defined as a condition found in people who are prone to whining, a full out cry baby, or a tantrum in it's most extreme form. Also known as a
Duckworthy attack or Ducky meltdown, or most commonly known as chucking a Duckworth
Shannon Duckworth: Why do you all say such mean things about me? I am leaving now and I am never returning ever again!

Lisa G: Oh Shannon, please hold yourself together, we don't hate anyone here, it's all shitz n' gigglez, don't take it so personally.

Higz: Lisa I have tried to explain it to her. Shannon, it may seem like hate going on here, but it is all synthetic, not real hate, we're just messing around with you.

Shannon Duckworth: I don't care for it, you are such mean people, I'm never returning, you lot are an evil bunch! I'm outta here!

Lisa G: Higz, I think she is having another Ducky meltdown, obviously she is having an attack of the Duckworthism Disease

Higz: That's right Lisa, she hasn't had her Duckworthism booster shot yet

Shannon Duckworth: That does it you are all an evil bunch, I am leaving now!

Lisa G: Shannon, you have been saying that for weeks now, just go then, leave

Shannon Duckworth: I mean it, I AM LEAVING NOW! GOOD BYE HATERS!
by Higzy June 15, 2009
A Scrabble champ is someone who is illiterate to the point it really is funny and un-shameful to poke fun at.
Khaled: Ha ha! Higz yu ar not gowing to teech me how tu speek inglish, I all reddy no how tu well enuff, tank yu

Higz: Khaled I see there is a shortage of ESL teachers in your region, or do you actually enjoy being illiterate? you seem to be quite the Scrabble champ, so I guess you are happy with things the way they are.
by Higzy May 10, 2009
Undecipherable drivel that spews in spoken words or in text from a Retard attempting to sound clever by using one or a few BIG words, though the use of 'BIG words' is not necessary to qualify as tardbabble.

Can sometimes be mistaken for ramblings of a very intoxicated dim wit, and is the one language not spoken by even the most experienced Retard whisperer.
Danny: Hey Higz, my spelling sucks but I'm have intelligents, and I'm very patience and I know a lot about cybergenics and human evolution, I'm, a real, smarty, and I am ranked more dark side than Darth Vader


VonDutch: Danny that made absolutely no sense at all

Higz: More undecipherable tardbabble Kris, I won't try to reason with the mental midget, it will only bring about even more undecipherable babble, and I'm running out of Advil
by Higzy July 05, 2009
In a battle of wit during discussion on public forums, message boards, fb groups.. etc. an Ivanism is considered to be a truly weak response of the highest degree. A weak and unbalanced retort in which extreme cases of butthurt are revealed. An Ivanism is also known as a euphemism to the expression "foot in mouth" which in many cases may come back to haunt person (who in lost train of thought or just out of plain stupidity blurts out said Ivanism) at a later time, even much later.

Some Ivanisms are so epic in content that they warrant being saved and stored for future/educational purposes.
Littledick: Your newest entry attempt on UD does not embarrass me in the slightest, and to prove my point I will be sure to look it up and click on "DO NOT PUBLISH" for "I am a Senior Urban Dictionary Editor, that means I am God.... bow before me!"

Bigdick: I may not get my entry accepted into Urban Dictionary, but you have just given me this most precious moment for which I am eternally grateful. You not only gave me the perfect example for my newest entry, but your latest shriek has got to be your greatest Ivanism yet.

Thank you, Mr. Senior Editor @ Urban Dictionary, your inspiration is greatly appreciated and I have decided to give it another shot.

Sincerely, Bigdick
by Higzy November 26, 2010
Much like "flicking the bean" in the sense that it is a condition which afflicts many sufferers of OCD, nymphs of the female variety, pubescent females, and millions of undersexed women from around the world. Those who flick the fava had once started off by flicking their bean. Gradually and after much time has been put in to much vigorous flicking, the bean becomes enflamed to the point that it resembles a fava, and in extreme cases, very small male genitalia.
Higz: Has anyone else noticed the huge camel toe Saba is sporting in her latest swimwear photos?

Pax: Gday mate. I reckon Saba has been flicking the fava non-stop since you sent her your cock pics. Either that, or Saba actually has a dick...?
by Higzy November 25, 2010
Wall cancer is a widely used facebook term used to describe members of groups with an uncanny ability to scare other members off group(s) simply by posting the most uninteresting and boring shite imaginable. It is also used to describe wall posts on fb groups. In many cases group members have even been known to leave groups due to copious amounts of garbage being posted by dolts with no sense of humour or purpose other than to amuse themselves.
Facebook Group Wall:

Higz: It's been quiet here today, where did everyone go?

Vanessa: Thomas turned up on group last night and posted a photo of a woman with grape hair and soon after everyone said goodnight and left. Some members even mentioned they would be leaving group permanently.

Higz: Great! didn't he post that dumb photo on group last week?

Vanessa: Yep, it was the same one. I think we should toss Thomas off the group, the guy is a wall cancer, and has actually managed to scare off a third of our members

Higz: Give him the boot, V
by Higzy December 09, 2010
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