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People for the Ethnical Treatment of Animals.

Yes, some PETA members have the right idea about animal rights, but besides that, they really take things too far.

They've killed many healthy animals, complaining of not being able to find a home. Please explain why other animal shelters are capable of finding more homes for animals than PETA probably ever has. Infact, after you call PETA to have an animal taken away (for whatever the reason), chances are that the animal will be killed in their PETA van as soon as close your front door.

Many PETA members are hypocrites, even if they may or may not realize it.

Though not everything they say is a lie, they still tend to feed bullshit to the public and use scare tactics on children.
I am vegan, but PETA really gets on my nerves. They give a bad name for vegetarians and vegans.

NEDM would make PETA cool.
by Highly Evolved June 20, 2006

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