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An evangelical apatheist, one who doesn't care about religious/faith based affiliations, mostly because none provides any real interest or positive feedback, but boastful about his apathetic-ness. He/she is boastful because the fact that he's independent minded and unaffiliated in what he perceives as the general sheep population. Fortunately, this is the best of all the evangelicals, because when he gets his evangelical mojo going, you can't help but laugh. When asked about his religious affiliation, he would reply with either the following or the equivalent "I don't care, neither should you, and here's why...". If praising something, a nearly fool-proof way of identifying an Evangelical Apatheist is if he ends his prayers with "whatever", "meh" or any equivalent.

Every so often, it's hard to determine since they don't really care about schedule either, The INCOEA (Inter-National Council Of Evangelical Apatheists) hosts a gathering of like-minded Apatheists called "the grey gathering" to confront others of similar beliefs and pop bubble wrap to proclaim their indifference towards religion...Oh, and discuss philosophy.
SUPERCHRISTIAN: OMGWTFBBQ that deer is so pretty *Squeals*

Religious congregation: Amen!!!
Evangelical Apatheist: Whatever, dude.
SUPERCHRISTIAN: What's up with him? Do you believe in god?
Evangelical Apatheist: I don't care, neither should you, and here's why. Do you ever see the lilies toil with religion? No, do you see that deer there bother with mosaic law? No, it is natural and it is honest.
_________________0 - LOLWUT?
by Heyit'sBrandon April 18, 2011

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