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-wearing pattern on pattern
-wearing multiple patterns in one outfit
You're Pulling a Dolger if you:
-wear a striped shirt with a plaid tie
-wear a polka dot skirt with a striped shirt
-are Mr. Dolger
#stripe #pattern #tie #plaid #freak
by Hey Barbie May 07, 2010
Boring town on Long Ilsand. Made up of 97% Indan/Asian (sometimes referred to as "Little India"), 1% white, 1%black, 1% spanish. Rapist ice cream man cirlcles the blocks at ALL times. In the summer, kids go to the Town Pool and smoke pot behind Levittown Parkway, the sump, and bleachers at Dutch Lane. Along to getting high at Dutch Lane Elemtary School, kids bang on the slides. A few ganstas can be found by the hand ball cort smoking some dope. There's basically no hot guys whatsoever. Little to no drama ever goes on. Most girls are ugly, flat, and prude, except for some really banging ones. Over all, a pretty gay place to live.
Hicksville we go hard
#hicksville #gay #indian #chinese #boring
by Hey Barbie April 22, 2010
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