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When two individuals conversate during the act of "taking a shit" in a public restroom.
Guy 1: Sorry dude I really have to take a crap.

Guy 2: Alright go for it.

(45 minutes later)

Guy 2: Hey man, what took you so long?

Guy 1: Oh sorry I was just having a really interesting Shit Talk with this guy in the bathroom about why glue doesn't stick to the inside of the bottle.
by Heugh G. Reckshun December 29, 2009
Men's Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

PMS, but for men. It occurs when the man in the relationship receives an extreme overdose of female bitchiness, often resulting in massive headaches, heavy drinking, and short-term traumatization.
Man, John's really been hitting the bottle tonight

Yeah he's got MPMS


...Did his brains just explode?

Yeah, he gets it pretty bad, I hear he's having an affair with Hillary Clinton
by Heugh G. Reckshun March 28, 2010
A completely disgusting vaginal disease. Oh my god it will make you gag every time you think about it. The image will haunt you. You will have nightmares. I can't even put it in to words, jfgi you'll find out everything... oh god I think I have to throw up now. Fuck that shit is gross ooooohh...
Facebook Chat:

Bob: Hey man go 2 google and type in blue waffles then clik im feeling lucky... lol
Joe: uhh ok wtv...
Joe: AHHHHHH!!!! holy shit wtf!! thats not even funny!!! OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!
Bob: ROFL!!!!
Bob: haha omg this is hilarious!!!...
uhh u still there?
oh shit...
by Heugh G. Reckshun March 21, 2010
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