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A sphynx cat, as seen in Austin Powers. They're weirdass lil' critters, which I find particularly similar to small monkeys. So cat + monkey = cunkey. You love it.
"This is a song, for the sad man, the cunkey man, the sad man cunkey."
by Herr Heilster May 27, 2006
Emo boys kissing. Right. It's when remedial 'scene' shites decide it'll be cute and clever to pull, giving just-as-murderable emo girls slimey knickers and actual homos a boner. It's about as interesting and original as Courtney Love getting her baps out.
"Dude, that's girl's like TOTALLY checking up on you. Wanna make out?"

"OMG, emo boys kissing! Let's screw to My Chemical Romance and say 'lol' out loud! Ahahaha!"
by Herr Heilster May 27, 2006

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