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A person who is a fan of a video game series/band/film series, but only for a reason that is, ultimately, irrelevant to the thing they're a fan of. They're also the most vocal kind of fan, unfortunately. They usually flip shit when the thing they loved is gone, even though the true fans don't give a flying fuck either way.
Dumbass: OMG I can't believe that Band X switched singers! I'm sooo over them! They're nothing without the original singer!

True fan: Shut the fuck up. They don't deserve you. First of all, they recruited the singer as a last resort, and second of all, he was a huge douche in real life. You're such a shallow fan.

Dumbass: WHAT THE FUCK!? The HD remake of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater won't have the original soundtrack!? Now the game's going to be shit!

True Fan: Last time I checked, the main attraction of a game was supposed to be the GAMEPLAY, you fucking asshole. And tony Hawk's Pro Skater had amazing gameplay. But no, you only care about the soundtrack! Can you even do a fucking special trick in those games or are you too busy treating them like your own personal music players?
by Herp Derp McDumbass March 04, 2012
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