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1. when the pandas break loose out of the zoo and cause mass mayhem throughout the city.
2.widespread destruction in wimpy peoples pants
joe: bob just had some panda-monium when anne looked at him.
chris: what a nerd
by Hero rasmussen February 27, 2008
1. a cross-breed animal between an elephant and a chameleon.
commonly found in antarctica, beating penguins with baby seals.
2. a term for a guy who is fat, but no one will dare to say it because if they do, they will be malevolently masicured and precariously punished
1. here is the wild chamelephant in it's natural habitat........
2. that guy is so chamelephant
by Hero rasmussen December 12, 2007
to look at the ceiling and count the dots on the panels. commenly done after tests. only works in schools.
after that test I was sooo bored man, I josephed for half an hour.
by Hero rasmussen February 27, 2008

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