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1 definition by Herman Hymowitz

Alternative spelling (or misspelling) for Hymie. The term is derived from a stereotypical given name of some Jews in the first half of the 20th century: Hyman. It was used by Jesse Jackson when he referred to New York City as Hymie Town in an off-the-record conversation and may have gained some popularity from the fictional Jewish gangster, Hyman Roth, in the movie Godfather Part 2. It is used to suggest anti-Semitic stereotypes like: love of money, the ruthless pursuit of profit, stinginess, exploitive use of others for financial gain, employing hard-sell tactics in all business transactions, etc.
You are such a himey Hymie, Jew. Every time I go somewhere with you, you pretend to be short of money and try to borrow money from me. That scam is getting old.
by Herman Hymowitz August 24, 2011