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A online comedy show that was started by Psychopathic Records artist Twiztid. The show, dubbed "The Number One Juggalo Access Show", was primarily sket comedy mixed with footage from the road and found by the directer, Blaze Yo Dead Homie. The show was so popular among Juggalos that a DVD was released featuring the orginal run of the Purple Show. Vol. 2 is slated to come out in 2006.
It's the Purple Show
Everybody holds your arms up high
It's the Purple Show
And this episode number 5
It's the Purple Show
Purple Purple Purple all the time
It's The Purple Show
Everybody listen to my purple rhyme.
#juggalo #insane clown posse #twiztid #anybody killa #blaze yo dead homie #psychopathic records
by Heritik X January 19, 2006
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