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The most AWESOME person around
So awesome Abagail does not need an example.
#awesome #hot #pretty #beautiful #friendly
by Here For You December 12, 2011
Racial insult to describe black people. Since development of hip hop music has widely been adopted by popular culture. In theory it's "power" to wound is diminished by familiar use. Use is generally discouraged by persons not subject to having it said against them.Similar to women calling other women "bitch". Both are tedious. Like most expressions its lifetime in common use limited. Best effect has been to open conversation about offensive language and to marginalize people who use it.
See that nigger hanging from a tree ? Racist.
Yo, that's my nigger right there. Expression of kinship.
Nigger rig it and get going. Fix or repair in a shoddy way.
#coon #monkey #spade #jungle bunny #sambo. opposite: gentelman #sir #african american
by here for you March 22, 2015
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