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N., from Latin destinare, "to determine", derivative of stare, "to stand". One of the funniest, loudest, craziest, most amazing people you'll ever meet. The Destiny I know is beautiful, though she doesn't think so. She is Hispanic, and REALLY long black hair (impossible not to touch), brown eyes, and an absolutely stunning talent for singing, dancing, acting and drawing make Destiny stand out from the crowd. She loves TV, and her mother tells her to pay attention to the actors to help with her career in drama, which is already in progress despite her young age. On that topic, Destiny may be a little dramatic at times, but most of the time she solves problems with her sarcasm and wit. Destiny sometimes has a tendency to ignore texts, but who doesn't at some point? I admire that Destiny is extremely stubborn, and she never lets anyone push her over like I do.

To sum up, Destiny is...

D- determined
E- enthusiastic
S- singer
T- taken :(
I- incredible
N- never irritating
Y- young? Idk, not good at acrostic poems.

Me: She said that to you! What did you say?

Destiny: I told her to go f*** a tree.


Destiny: I'm going to Rhode Island for a casting call.

Me: Get me a tee-shirt?


Destiny: *in the middle of laughing* ahahahah, lol.
by Her BFF :) April 12, 2013

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