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At Notre Dame, there are two types of girls: The hott, rich, slutty types and the ugly ones who hang out with the hippies and the addicts from guys schools. Sadly enough, you're screwed no matter which group you're in. It's academics are way behind the other main line girls schools; their lesbian teachers (yes, there actually are some, ask some of their students) spend more time teaching important shit like "girl power" than they do with meaningless things like math and history. Even the local public schools far outclass them academically. Their athletics are okay, but let's be honest- they are no New York Yankees. So bottom line- if you're looking for a school where they spend the day telling you how precious you are, Notre Dame is right for you. If you're looking for more out of high school than just being seen as sluts for Malvern and Prep, look elsewhere.
If you're still interested in being Notre Dame Girls maybe you should visit one of the homosexual teachers...they could give you a "taste" of what to expect from a school that loves to "embrace" young women ;)
by Henry Thomasson, III May 04, 2006

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