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2 definitions by Henry Kissinger

Slang phrase whose meaning is defined by a combination of types or categories of words, rather than any particular words themselves. Usually found in British English.
1. (British English) Any common noun clumsily converted to a verb means drunk. For example: "I was absolutely tabled last night."

2. (British English) Any verb-noun combination separated by "the" means "to masturbate." For example: "I think I'll just go and flip the pancake."
by Henry Kissinger December 12, 2004
Alternative (and slightly more pretentious) spelling of fnarr.
"Most ways of indirectly opening the PHP script would allow you to view it's contents. Maybe bofing the server would make it stop parsing, but don't take my word for it."


(See bof, boff.)
by Henry Kissinger December 12, 2004