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3 definitions by Henry Kissenger

the elderly woman with the over-inflated basketballs under her blouse that sits on the bench in public square (in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania) that tries to coerce pedestrians into buying a dirty comb for 10 cents.
Tit Monster: *in a gravelly voice* HEY. Wanna buy a comb?
by Henry Kissenger July 10, 2008
23 7
On the contrary, a weedwacker is a person who doesn't approve of the usage of marijuana.
Nancy Reagan is such a weedwacker.
by Henry Kissenger June 18, 2008
9 5
A retarded way to say "urn."
"Is that a Led Zeppelin cremation vase?"

*5 Minutes later*

"Did I say 'cremation vase?'"
by Henry Kissenger February 03, 2007
1 2