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6 definitions by Help Us Put a Stop to Collar Pop

Having reached a superlative level of ballerdom, it is said one has acheived baller status. This often goes hand in hand with early retirement and being a man of leisure (or woman of leisure. It can often devolve into a world of dinner whores and golddiggers if the baller has a weak pimp hand. MAny of these types can be found on dating sites such as wealthymen and webdate, where it is easier to hide one's monetary worth and circumnavigate wanna-be-women-of-leisure.
Only cats with offical baller status are allowed on
Pretty much the same as a man of leisure except she has a vagina instead of a penis.
Being born into a wealthy New England family Kate Hepburn was the kind of woman of leisure who, these days, might be found on wealthymen.
A website catering to the baller/e-baller and the women who want to meet them. There is a minimum income requirement, which is utilized to keep the scrubs out and assure the gold diggers, or women-of-leisure a steady stream of men to fraternize with and associate amongst. Wealthy women are also among the wealthymen members. It isn't uncommon to find a cougarlooking for a boytoy.
Don't be jeolous just because I'm on wealthymen and you're not. Stop hating long enough and you can make enough money too.
A baller who reached baller status due to computer savvy, an idea requiring little money (ie Google's CEO) or a calculated risk in securing a loan or cash infusion for said idea based on having a proverbial ball already rolling, when the implicated loan was actually necessary to get the ball rolling in the first place.

Not to be confused with an e-thug

In short, one who made their fortune from the computer market.
Wow, that Dirty Sanchez from BangBus is an e-baller for real.
A new website for hook-ups. Can be thought of as a hybrid of AFF and WebDate since it is intended for adult behavior and utilizes chat rooms.
All the naughty Turks and girls that like to show can do so on Fling and not get t3h ban.
On certain dating websites, such as WebDate, there is a small Turkish population. These individuals sometimes perv other users with poignant, irreverent and sometimes touching sentiments like "Open Boobzzzz pls" or "Open Sexy". Sexy can, alternately, be spelled sexii as well. Turk has gone from being a noun to being a verb as in Turking. It can used interchangebly with perving.
I saw him Turk in the chat room.